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High school students can develop innovative solutions that make the world a better place. All of our student teams take a human-centered approach to develop physical technology products that solve a need in their communities. Students work directly with people in their neighborhoods who face unique challenges, and learn how to invent solutions that create a better, safer, more equitable world. Here are some projects from across the years.


angela watches

A smartwatch for women to alert their friends when they are in unsafe situations.



A smart wallet for the visually impaired to detect bill denominations.


A belt to help prevent dangerous veering for the blind. (winner of Inventor's Challenge by AT&T//semifinalist-Diamond Challenge//finalist-Paradigm Challenge)


good knight

a smart blanket attachment for people with PTSD to manage their nightmares.



A stress ball that pulses like a heartbeat to help reduce anxiety and stress. (winner-Innovator Competition//semifinalist-Paradigm Challenge)


glow vis

An updated blind cane design with flashing LEDs, tactile feedback, and shock absorbance so users can navigate safely and painlessly.

What will you invent?