Project Invent

Any student can invent.
Any student can engineer.
Any student can make a difference.


Our Mission:

Project Invent empowers students with the 21st century skills to succeed individually and impact globally.

Our goal is to create a generation of fearless problem solvers.


What We Do:

We support high school students to invent technologies that solve real-world problems. We train mentors, publish resources, and support teams with the tools, strategies, and connections to successfully invent technologies that improve lives.


Our Story:

Project Invent started out of a frustration with an education system that prioritizes high test scores rather than real-world problem-solving. We set out to bring students life-changing learning experiences that empower them to make the difference they want to see in the world. In Project Invent, students are more than just learners: they are changemakers.

Project Invent guides students through the process of empathizing with users, brainstorming creative ideas, building meaningful solutions, and pitching for funding. If that sounds like the type of important work you want to be doing, then what are you waiting for?