Project Invent

Starting a team

Thank you for inspiring a new generation of inventors and changemakers! By bringing Project Invent to your school, you are joining a movement that's changing the narrative about engineering. We challenge the common perception that engineering is just about robots and cars. We show students that engineering is a way to solve real problems and make a difference in the world.

Let's get started.


1. Get excited

Browse our website, get inspired, and let us know if you have questions. See if Project Invent will be a good fit for your school. You will need around 2-4 hours a week to hold the program: that could be as an elective class, after school, or on weekends.

If this all sounds good so far, fill out the application below by MONDAY, SEPT 10, 11:59PM.

2. Recruit Students

Recruit 5 - 8 students interested in technology and making a difference. These will be your team. They do not need to have previous experience: just an excitement to learn. 

Have more than 8 students interested? No problem, start a second team! A single mentor can lead multiple teams.


We will help match you to a community partner who faces unique challenges, and you will coordinate with them to meet in October. This will be an authentic chance for students to empathize with challenges people in their community face everyday. These real world interactions spark their drive to make a change.

4. Brainstorm & Build

Take all of that empathy and energy and help your students come up with some solutions. How can we make the world a better place? They will build their ideas and we will provide monthly support to help your team go from idea to product. 

5. Get Feedback & Iterate

Students will continue reaching out to their community partner to get feedback about their ideas. Your community partner will be a constant part of this process, giving students real community buy-in for their work.

6. Make a business Plan

Once your students have built their idea, they will learn how to market the product and how they compare to competitors.

7. Demo Day

This is the big day. Students will pitch in front of top investors and tech leaders alongside high school teams from across the nation.

Let's start inventing.